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Using the Capo extension

Capo extension

Capo is a Chrome extension that gives you one-click access to the capo.js script. Clicking the extension icon ( ) will open a color bar visualizing the <head> ordering, and log messages to the console, including validation warnings and detailed element info.


To install the Capo extension:

  1. Navigate to the Capo extension in the Chrome Web Store

    The Capo extension in the Chrome Web Store

  2. Click the Add to Chrome button

  3. On any page, click the Capo icon ( ) in the browser toolbar

    • Open the DevTools Console to see additional logs

    Capo extension


Screenshot of the options page of the Capo extension

The extension comes with a few default options for static evaluation, validation, and the color palette.

See the Configuration guide for more info on accessing the options page and what each option does.