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Quick start guide to capo.js

capo.js is a tool for assessing the quality of the document <head>. You can run it in your browser as a Chrome extension or DevTools snippet, in a testing environment like WebPageTest, or an analytical datastore like BigQuery.

An unoptimized <head> can lead to poor performance and a poor user experience. capo.js can help you identify and fix these issues.

Veloce: Chrome extension

The best way to start using capo.js is to install the Capo extension for Chrome:

  1. Navigate to the Capo extension in the Chrome Web Store
  2. Click the Add to Chrome button
  3. On any page, click the Capo icon in the browser toolbar
    • Open the DevTools Console to see additional logs

Learn more about using the extension and interpreting the results.

Svelto: Snippet

The next best way to use capo.js is as an executable snippet in your browser.

  1. Copy the capo.js snippet
  2. Save as a new DevTools snippet
    • Open the DevTools Sources panel
    • Create a new snippet
    • Paste the snippet into the editor
    • Save as “Capo”
  3. Run the snippet on any web page
    • Open the DevTools Console panel
    • Select the “Capo” snippet
    • Click the “Run” button (or Cmd + Enter)

Alternatively, you can save the snippet as a bookmarklet:

  1. Copy the capo.js snippet
  2. Create the bookmarklet using a tool like this one
  3. Execute the bookmarklet on any web page to run capo.js

Learn more about using the snippet.

Rapido: WebPageTest

Coming soon

Forte: BigQuery

Coming soon